The Metropolitan Museum of Art Online Collection

If you are passionate about art, The Metropolitan Museum is a haven where you can soak your senses in beautiful art forms collected around the world. Founded in 1870, the Metropolitan Museum, also referred to as the Met, boasts a rich collection of rare objects and artwork. In the museum, you can find items that are over 5,000 years old for everyone to see, experience and enjoy. The Met has three different sites in New York City – The Met Breuer, The Met Cloisters, and The Met Fifth Avenue.

If you don’t have any plans to visit New York City anytime soon, don’t lose heart because you can still take a look at the incredible collections at the museum. How? Simple, just visit the website and be a part of the experience offered by The Metropolitan Museum of Art Online Collection.

The Metropolitan Museum Collection - A Sample

In the website, you will find an online gallery that displays a variety of historical and artistic collections. There are more than 446,684 records for you to view and more are added every day to make your experience more enriching. Some of the unusual and rare items at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Online Collection are:

  • “Capitello” Chair: This is an 18th-century side chair made from a type of self-skinning polyurethane foam. It has been inspired by the architectural element of the Greek. It contains important symbols from the ancient Greek architecture.
  • Portrait of Joseph-Antoine Moltedo (born 1775): Joseph-Antoine Moltedo was a famous businessman and inventor. This beautiful portrait is a part of the commissions he used to receive from French officials in Rome. This portrait shows the secure and calm expression of the men portrayed in that era.
  • A bronze statue of the emperor Trebonianus Gallus: This awe-inspiring bronze statue is of emperor Trebonianus Gallus is one of the rare nearly complete Roman bronze statues from that century to be preserved till date. It makes us believe that the portrait heads that we see in the museum galleries were perhaps once a part of freestanding sculptures.
  • “Clover Leaf”: This is a beautiful work by Charles James, the famous American couturier who is known for his incredible sculptural creations. The Four-Leaf Clover is a beautiful work of art that presents a breathtaking and natural blend of Belle Epoque and mid-20th-century elegance.

Words alone cannot hold the beauty of the Metropolitan Museum of Art Online Collection. You must see it to believe it! You can easily navigate and filter the collections by Artist / Culture, Object Type / Material, Geographic Location, Date / Era, and Department.