Guggenheim Collection Online

Guggenheim Museum is a name familiar to anyone with an artistic flair and love for artworks. It includes a mammoth collection of human’s artistic capabilities and how magic can be created with a few brush strokes from the hand of a genius. The first ever Guggenheim museum to display works of art by various artists was opened in 1939 in New York and since then several branches have opened up in different countries.

Despite having numerous museums under the brand name located in different cities of the world, not every can afford to visit the museum in person. Such Museum enthusiasts can now view the artworks on display at Guggenheim with the Collection Online initiative.

Featured Artists

The Guggenheim Collection Online gives you one-stop access to more than 1,700 artworks created by over 625 talented artists. The incredibly extensive database of artwork at Guggenheim can easily be accessed to find the specific work of art using the search ability. The items on display online have been tagged to make it possible for visitors to retrieve the works of art by specific artists or era based on their searches.

Visitors can search based on:

  • Artist name
  • Date
  • Medium
  • Movement
  • Venue

The Guggenheim Collection Online holds the very essence of the metamorphosis of the museum as it transitioned from a small private collection to become a public museum. This extraordinary transition was made possible by constantly expanding the items on display by various acquisitions, gifts, and donations over the years.

On View in New York

When a user takes a tour of the Guggenheim Collection Online, he actually becomes a part of that gigantic history. The collections you see reflects the diversity and breadth of the holdings by Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation since it was established in the 19th century. Even after so many years, the museum is still continuously expanding to increase its existing records.

Other than the collections from the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the Collection Online also comprises of artworks from other partner museums such as the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and Peggy Guggenheim Collection.

The collection at Guggenheim is not categorized into different mediums or departments, however, it is worth noting that the Collections Online has been thoughtfully created to help you find any specific artwork that you would like to research on.

Although the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation is involved in various other activities, the permanent collection remains its main focus, and the foundation is continually expanding on that.

As you browse through the different artworks by various artists on your computer or mobile phone, the influence of the specific period or era unfolds in front of your eyes and engulfs your senses. Anybody who has a passion for art will find this a haven for those who cannot visit these fantastic museums in person.

Technology has made life easier and simple for us, but we often take things for granted. When you browse through the Guggenheim Collection Online and feast your eyes on the artwork right from your home, don’t forget to thank the technology that made this dream a reality.

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