Archives Management Software for Collections

When an organization is born, it’s like a clean sheet of paper waiting to be filled with stories, achievements, success, failures, losses, laurels, joy, milestones, and so on. As years go by and that clean sheet of paper gets overcrowded, it means you have a lot of records piling out of the desks. This is the time for you to look for a proper collections managements system.

You may not need the information that was recorded or considered important for the organization ten years from now, but that doesn’t mean it does not have value. The best way to deal with all those vital but not so regularly used records would be to archive them.

Copies of Subway Maps - Archive Collections

However, if you simply throw all those records at one place and stack them one over the other, you may permanently lose some really critical information in that vast sea of data.

This is where archives management software comes into play. When your information is archived using a system, it is properly labeled and tagged to ensure that you can get quick access to all the info including digital content, photos, videos and so on with just a few clicks.

This form of records management software can benefits schools, museums, hospitals, financial institutes, government agencies and just about any organization that has to deal with a mountain of records year after year.

What’s the Best Archives Management Software?

If you are looking for efficient and reliable archives management system, then we would recommend the Eloquent Archives. This archives collections management system (ACM) is mobile friendly so the staff and visitors can access the data using their mobile phone anywhere anytime. The archive system can be run on Eloquent System’s cloud server to give you the following benefits:

  • It can quickly and efficiently process the accumulated accessions
  • Set some professional standards and certain limitation for public viewing
  • It can include an array of digital assets include eBooks, documents, photos, videos and so on
  • It can monitor the progress upon request
  • The files are arranged systematically to enable you to retrieve items and track them easily
  • A hard copy of the documents saved in the archives can be requested from the archivist
  • You can include certain specific content to the historical timeline to make it quickly and easily accessible
  • Authorized users can tag images, people, leave comments and enjoys several other privileges
  • The Historical Timeline enables users to automatically publish and post content to the Internet linking back to the database.

Example of Archives Management System Used by City of Toronto:

The city of Toronto is located alongside the north-western shore of Lake Ontario. It is the capital of Ontario, and one of the most popular cities in Canada. It boasts a rich history and a potpourri of cultural influences. The city has been home to various clans and tribes that have left an indelible impression on its history. If you wish to get an online experience of the city’s rich tradition, culture and history then you may explore the City of Toronto Archives, an efficient database created by Eloquent Systems.

archvies collection featured categories - City of Toronto

Whether you want to get details about World War I or view architectural drawings of important buildings/ towers in the city, you will find them all here. You can also see scanned maps in digital format and photos from the RC Harris Plant. You can browse the extensive database by names, fonts, creators, and subject.

You may save selected items to a list or create files in PDF format that you can later print and use for research or other purposes. The City of Toronto Archives is a fantastic example of archive management system offered by Eloquent Systems.